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Mobile Pressing

Whether you are out at a job site or at your facility, we can get your tires pressed! Our mobile pressing service can handle anything from small cart tires up to forklift and skid-steer tires. With our 3 mobile press trucks we help eliminate costly downtime. Getting your machines up and running quickly is our mission. We dispose of the old tires as well.


We provide Re-Treading for many Material Handling and Construction applications. Replacing your warn down tires is not always the best option. We re-tread a wide variety of solid and pneumatic tires and offer a range of tread options. Our re-tread not only extends the life of the tire it’s self, but will typically give you a longer running time than new tire tread. We stand behind this tried and true process.

Tyrfil-Flatproofing (Poly fill)

TyrFil™ is a polyurethane liquid that is pumped into pneumatic tires to replace air with a resilient, synthetic elastomer core that eliminates dangerous and costly tire flats on off-the-road (OTR) equipment. Even in the most hazardous environments, tires filled with TyrFil™ will never go flat. Despite cuts and punctures, filled tires will keep performing – increasing productivity and eliminating costly downtime for field operators.

We can fill just about any pneumatic tire. From two wheel dolly’s and Lawn Tractors up to Skid-Steer and Tractor tires. There is no reason to have your tires going flat on the job.

In-house Pressing

In-House we can handle a high volume and range of sizes. We welcome walk in customers and typically can get your tires pressed on while you wait. We have a huge inventory of tires ready to be pressed on and get you back to work.

Tire Delivery Service

We will gladly deliver tires to your location. Local deliveries are made daily on our route runs. We can schedule deliveries out side of WNY and also have shipping options available. We try and accommodate all of our customers with the quickest delivery options as possible.