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Say Goodbye to Flats and Downtime with Poly Fill Tires

Poly fill is a liquid polyurethane material that replaces air in pneumatic tires to create a resilient, synthetic elastomer core. This process is designed to eliminate the risk and expense of flat tires on off-road equipment.At Industrial Tire, we use a specialized product called TyFil to fill pneumatic tires with polyurethane.By replacing air with TyFil, our poly filled tires can withstand even the most hazardous environments without ever going flat. This means that our clients can enjoy increased productivity and eliminate costly downtime for field operators. Even in the case of cuts and punctures, poly filled tires continue to perform.

Our experienced team can fill any size of pneumatic tire, from small two-wheel dollies and lawn tractors to larger skid-steer and tractor tires. With poly fill, you can say goodbye to flat tires and reap the many benefits that come with it.


– No more flat tires, guaranteed
– Increased traction and stability
– Optimal tire pressure maintained
– Reduced tire repair and replacement costs
– No more downtime from puncture and blowouts
– Smoother, safer, and more comfortable ride
– Provides consistent tire deflection and footprint
– Reduced shock & stress to equipment

Thee images above demonstrate the process of getting a tire ready to be poly filled. Oftentimes we “chunk” some of the large tires, which means we used recycling chunks of poly fill and reuse it. Once the tire is successfully filled with chunks, we mount the it back on the wheel and hook it up to the poly fill machine. The machine pumps liquid poly fill into the tire and will fill the voids. Once this is all done, the tire needs to lay flat for at least 24 hours to let it cure. This way, the liquid will harden to the chunks, leaving you with an all solid tire.

Ultimately, this process will prevent flats, add weight if needed, and reduce downtime, saving you tons of money on fixing a flat tire.

For snow blower tires, mowers, carts tires, we also offer an all solid rubber tire (carefree) for these applications. This is lighter than poly filling and can be changed in hours as opposed to poly fill which takes 2-3 days.

At Industrial Tire, our team offers a variety of services aimed to repair tires, and extend their useful life in the long haul. With polypill you can say goodbye to flat tires, save money, and reduce downtime. Please contact us today to learn more.