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Benefits of Over-The-Tire Tracks for Landscapers

With Spring just around the corner, landscapers should consider investing in over-the-tire tracks. Over-the-tire track attachments provide increased traction and flotation needed to maneuver in different soil working conditions. For landscapers who want to start working and don’t want to tear up the landowners property, these are a great attachment to use during the muddy months.

At Industrial Tire, we stock a variety of rubber tracks for skid-steers and other small equipment. We carry over the tire tracks for added traction. Our supplier Camso demonstrates how even the most challenging surfaces are crushed under Camso’s Rubber over the tire track, giving you the performance you need on the job to tackle deep mud, and tough, slippery wet conditions. Please watch the demonstration in this video here

Suitable for any Terrain

– Mud: high flotation means no cracks for the mud to enter
– Dirt and Grass: multi terrain tread design to ensure traction
– Gravel: smooth ride due to continuous tread design
– Snow: special rubber compound to guarantee traction

Camso’s Rubber Over the Tire Tracks

Key information to keep in mind includes the following: tires need to be air, tires need to be R4 tread pattern, tires are recommended to be run at max air pressure, some aesthetic heat on the sidewall of the tire can be expected when OTT’s are used as an attachment. You can learn more about Camso’s rubber over the tire tracks here


Top 3 reasons why over-the-tire tracks can be a significant help to landscapers this Spring season:

1) Provide Better Traction
Track systems make a huge difference when it comes to working on steep hills, and carrying heavy loads of equipment without having to compromise on horsepower.

2) Get Through any Terrain
Track systems will be your ally if you find yourself in terrains with water streams, swamps, steep hills, etc.. Over-the-tire tracks help provide optimal stability, as well as flotation when crossing any area.

3) Keep Landscape in Better Condition
Track systems have low disturbance on the ground, helping preserve soft or easily damageable surfaces like grass or wet soil in the Spring.

At Industrial Tire, we aim to keep Western New York running, building, and moving forward. If you are interested in learning more about over-the-tire track products, or any of our services, please contact us today.