Industrial Tire

Established in 1972, Industrial Tire specializes in forklift to skid steer tires, solid and press on tires, wheels and rubber tracks. Our services also include Polyfill and Industrial Retreading.

With two moblie Press Trucks, we offer on-site pressing to minimize your downtime. Call or email today with any of your tire needs.

Industrial Tire Products & Services

Rubber Products

rubber products

Industrial Tire offers a wide selection of brands, types and styles of tires. Such as Solid Press-On - Universal, Electric, No-Marking, Oil Resistant, Wire, Fiberglass, Dual Service Solid Molded Tires.  We are a Master Distributor for Solideal, Monarch, Adtrac, ITL, Unitrac, Maine, Watts, and Pro manufacturers.

See for yourself the wide selection of Rubber Products we offer.

Rubber Track Division


Our Rubber Track Division sells Heavy Duty Rubber Tracks for Excavators, Skid Steer, Ditch Dozers and more.

We also sell Over The Tire Tracks -- the amazing tracks that will turn your regular Skid Steer into a more versatile Skid Loader for a fraction of the cost.

Visit our Rubber Track Division for more details.


Polyfill is a urethane rubber that completely fills your tire in place of air.


Besides ending your flat tire worries, Polyfill will save you money and time.

Learn more about our flat proof Polyfill tires.



Retread tires can save you up to 50% off the cost of a new tires, plus they wear much longer than new tires do.

There are many tread patterns available, and we also have Retreaded, solid tires in stock!

Discover more money saving Industrial Retreading options.

Mobile Services

mobile service

With two moblie Press Trucks, we offer on-site pressing to minimize your downtime.

Our Mobile Press Trucks have the capabilities to do the Irish jig, make coffee and clean your windows.

Learn about the Mobile Services we offer.

Contact Us

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Questions & Answers

Q and A

We've collected the answers to many of our most frequently asked questions; from basic questions, "Where can I find the tire size?" to more technical answers, "What is foam fill?" and most every topic in between, "What is a Mobile Tire Press?"

If you can't find the exact answer you're looking for on our Q & A page, call or email us, and we'll be happy to answer all of your questions.

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